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This page displays my Artist Sophie contemporary animal paintings and prints videos, plus some of the unusual items my designs are on like new iPhone cases pillows, clocks and clothing.

A detailed about Artist Sophie page is on my full artists website 

My latest paintings are on the the blog on this mini website.

Most of these You Tube videos were made when I used my maiden name of Artist Sophie Appleton. Since April 2018 I’ve started to used my married name of Huddlestone instead.

 If you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m not too good at making videos! 

You can buy these whimsical animal art prints from my my full Sophie H. artist’s website on the prints page.

Artist Sophie from Leicestershire. It’s not a painting demo, just a quick hello with a few chicken and butterfly paintings too.

A quick painting demo of a simple Christmas tree. You can buy all sorts of Artist Sophie H. original paintings The gallery page will show you hundreds of paintings created from 2011 up to the present day.

The ‘Eye Color Love’ and ‘Steampunk Bunny’ clothing and gift wear range can be purchased on the global marketplace Redbubble, they make and sell the items. My profile page for redbubble is enjoy your online shopping.

Since making the above YouTube videos some of my social media names have changed, they are now:

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