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With a love of music and art I have combined the two. Here on my art blog at Artist Sophie .Com I also use my Instagram @insignificant_pond Soph Farsogood as my muse social media – it’s an interest in music and other creative ideas. I love to watch live chats and interact on others accounts rather than posting loads of content myself, so it seems like a fairly insignificant account. With an interest in scribbling down music lyrics it is a great opportunity to get inspiration and pass on ideas. Any topics catch my eye, from the supernatural, ISS, celebrities and music lyrics. (Basically any topics that don’t suit my paintings @creativemrsh Instagram).

This second sketch is a lady with a music mike. Both sketches were quite pale so I have since deepened the tone and now have a few that I have listed in my shop in case anyone wants one, although most visitors to artistsophie.com blog are other artist’s.


and this is the lady with the microphone

If you prefer not to click on stuff, here is a photo of them in a frame.

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