Abstract countryside painting by Sophie

Abstract Countryside painting for sale created mainly with inks and small amounts of watercolor paints. Being as it is Inktober 2018 – where artists spend the month of October using inks – I thought I would try something different to my normal style. Some inks were dripped onto the paper allowing them to run and blend, others were added with a paint brush in a more controlled manner, a zoomed in cropped section of the painting is above. By tipping the paper it created runs in the desired directions, and having some areas of the paper damp with other areas dry it gave a variety of soft and hard edges to the shapes. Inktober was fun this year, art by Artist Sophie H called ‘Abstract Countryside’.

Although this artwork is now sold it is available on canvas replica’s as from May 2019.

Thanks for viewing an Artist Sophie .Com blog article. To purchase a Sophie Huddle Stone artwork go to Sophie’s full artist website https://www.sophiehuddlestone.com/ and purchase from its SHOP or the bargain priced range (under £30) is at Soph’s SALE site which is https://swirlysoph.com

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