Portrait my son by Artist Sophie H

My Son – portrait of my 17 year old son by Artist Sophie H. This took me around 8 to 10 hours because I kept changing my mind on the background colour and faffing with darkening areas of the hair, neck and t-shirt. Some paintings just look right straight away in one session, this one was better in two sessions and a ‘sleep on it’ fresh pair of eyes. Size 14″ x 10″ Painted in watercolours, oil paints and a bit of 3D texture paste in places. After a year of asking, finally my son agreed to me painting his portrait. He was really pleased with the likeness and the way I add the patterns. I hoped to try painting him from life but as a teenager he didn’t have time to sit still. Working from a photo where he had tried to look serious but was holding back the giggles. Son Portrait by Leicestershire artist Sophie Huddlesrone 6.3.19

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