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On the 11th of each month

Several customers have contacted me asking when is the next freebies giveaway or mega bargain price painting? Sadly they had missed out because I don’t like to bother folks with email subscriptions etc.

So I started an Eleven Eleven Sophie’s Surprise which you can find on the SALE page of my full Sophie Huddlestone website every month around the 11th (as this is my mini blog site). Then all you’d need to do is press on the ’11 11 Surprise’ each month to view the current freebies or mega sale paintings. This way you’d have a better chance at grabbing it and not missing out.

This free Dirty Cow art print is my first giveaway (11th June 2019) so pop onto the sale page to find out how to get it – that’s if you want it! Enjoy a new 11 11 Sophie Surprise each month.


Thanks for viewing my art on an Artist Sophie .Com blog article. To buy my artworks go to my full S.H. artist WEBSITE (it’s on the menu above) and purchase from its SHOP, don’t forget to visit its SALE page too.

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