Flesh tones make your own palette

Make your own flesh tones palette. I do have about a dozen favourite Winsor & Newton watercolour paints that I use for mixing skin tones for portraiture. But I have not found a decent ready mixed skin tone anywhere, and although I would add other colours (as everyone’s flesh is different) I wanted some basic tones which I could work with. So I decided to make my own, just for speedy sketching on the go. Here is how – Using a palette knife I mixed a few tubes of watercolour paints together to create some basic ground colours for skin tones. Then I scooped the mixes into separate empty cubes. After a couple of days they were solid enough to put inside an tin. Job done, a ready mixed mini skin palette for quick on the go sketches. Plus the bonus of a refreshing smell as it was an old mints tin.

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