ART PRINT – Lemur Monkey Painting a Print

Art Prints £13.95 each. This Lemur monkey painting has been made into a print. When painting a watercolour which will be then produced as prints, I added lots of strong colours and interesting textures. This keeps the image looking interesting and fresh. I occasionally draw a basic pencil outline before painting but more often than not I paint directly on to a blank sheet. By Artist Sophie Huddlestone. You can buy the prints for £13.95 from my full Artist’s website on its ‘Prints’ Page (the WEBSITE on the menu above)

When you view the paintings 4 sale on my website, please view the MEGA SALE section because this painting may have a temporary sale price.

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  1. I always gravitate to the eyes!!! Just gorgeous. I think that’s what I love most. Paintings are beautiful and coloring gorgeous, but the eyes are just they just grab you. They are so expressive and the eyelashes !!

  2. Love these colours Sophie.

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