Lemur Monkey Painting by Sophie H

Art Prints. This Lemur monkey painting has been made into a print. When painting a watercolour which will be then produced as prints, I added lots of strong colours and interesting textures. This keeps the image looking interesting and fresh. I occasionally draw a basic pencil outline before painting but more often than not I paint directly on to a blank sheet.

I started my range of prints while pregnant so that throughout the toddler years I would still have artworks available when my painting time was less. I still keep my range going and they trickle out occasionally to people that prefer a print to an original painting. I paint to help my health issues which is bipolar disorder, the act of painting is a form of therapy for me. 

Thanks for viewing an Artist Sophie .Com blog article. To purchase a Sophie Huddle Stone artwork go to Sophie’s full artist website https://www.sophiehuddlestone.com/ and purchase from its SHOP or the bargain priced range (under £30) is at Soph’s SALE site which is https://swirlysoph.com

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