Ice Cream Paintings by Artist Sophie

Artist Sophie painting of a fab lolly, rocket lolly and oyster shell ice cream. Eating ice cream today on a lovely summers day in my art studio which is in Leicestershire. I’m thrilled by the lovely response from peoples favourite ice creams, which was written on a post on my Facebook page. Thanks for all who commented you’ve been a great help in inspirational topics to paint. Although cool in my art studio I had my paints outside and I had to paint the fab lolly especially quickly as my still life was not only melting fast but also too good to waste, and was eaten as soon as the initial sketch was done. The other paintings followed later in the evening over the next few days. These paintings are 210mm tall and 148mm wide and will have a ‘Sophie Surprise’ discount coupon code via the SALE page on my website soon. The coupon code will remove half its price. If you have a favourite ice cream or lolly pop let me know as I may paint some more over the summer.

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