Hidden Smile Face on paintings

This week I started using Snapchat, My first ‘my story’ posts on Snapchat have been about painting this rooster. It’s not that easy constantly holding the record button and painting at the same time. I added the ink swirls and my usual hidden smile face :-) signed the artwork and it was ready to swirl towards whom ever ends up with it. I wonder if they will notice the smile one day. Below is a zoomed in look at one.

I have added hidden smiles on over 1,300 hand painted whimsical animal & flower watercolours that have gone to customers all over the world (since 2011) when I started out as Artist Sophie Appleton on my www.sixfootsophie.co.uk website I’m sure some of them have been discovered. Although my paintings are constantly rising in price I don’t forget my roots and still list a painting for sale on eBay, seller six.foot.sophie at a low price so that every day folks get the chance to own one of my paintings too. The joy from the hours of painting far outweighs any financial aspects from selling an artwork

It is mental health awareness month, and painting is my medication for bipolar disorder, concentrating on something creative prevents my mind from turning mole hills into mountains. The relaxation from watching the colours as they land on the page and blend into new tones is intriguing. Basically I could sit and watch paint dry all day long.

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