DNA portrait by Artist Sophie H

This blog post is a portrait painting by me (Artist Sophie H.) of the inventor of DNA fingerprinting Sir Alec Jeffreys. As you have probably noticed I have been very interested in painting celebrity portraits lately, and was bitten by the ‘narrative’ bug in 2018, so here is a celebrity from my own area Leicestershire. This artwork has an obvious DNA strand in the background for its narrative but my trail of thought from this painting goes further, which i will describe lower down. The word ‘narrative’ is a way of describing a paintings meaning, theme, message etc.

I used 3D paste in areas and painted this in watercolours onto a canvas size 38cm x 20cm. 4th Feb 2019. The full painting can be viewed on the portraits page of my Sophie Huddlestone website which you can navigate to from the ‘website’ on the menu above.

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys invented DNA fingerprinting at the University of Leicester on the 10th September 1984. The distant DNA strand portrays a future unknown to its discoverer. From all the millions DNA fingerprinting has helped will mankind going to far? Will we take over what Mother Nature has planned for our evolution. For example editing genes to remove illness like mine (bipolar) when in fact the excess of emotions are necessary for my art. Perhaps what we today call an increase in mental ‘illness’ is the early stages of the brain chemicals starting to evolve down a new root. My concerns are also with equality, gene therapy could be a future in which a group of privileged people become stronger, smarter and more beautiful than the rest.

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