commission of a puppy dog by Artist Sophie

Once I started this commission painting pet portrait I could not put my paintbrush down. The mass of fluffy fur was an excellent emailed photograph to paint from because the colours and textures could really shine. It was a large painting, well my largest watercolour size anyway, 16″ x 12″ which also helps when getting in lots of details. I began with the eyes to get the warm character of this lovely puppy dog, then gradually filled in the rest. I made the neck fur, near the collar strap, too dark – so as I went on I lifted some colour and it balanced out again. Later I added fine detail such as the cute bendy whiskers and more layers of paint on the eyes. Such a beautiful dog to paint and I will miss looking at those doe eyes as the painting whisks off to Berlin to its new home. Peanutbutter dog commission copyright Artist Sophie Huddlestone. You can see other pets portraits painted on the commissions page on my SH full Artist’s WEBSITE on the menu above.


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