Catch That Fish portrait by Artist Sophie

Every portrait painted is a chance to learn more, to try different mediums and painting surfaces. Above is a zoomed in photograph. I named this artwork ‘Catch That Fish’ – watercolour on paper, size 14inch x 10inch by Sophie Huddlestone. From painting this portrait, I have learned that watercolours do not boldly misbehave as much on the new paper I was trying out, and by forcing the medium to dribble and dance it creates a more subdued colour combination rather than bright bold colours. It is a handy thing to learn as it gives my painting style an option of bright or muted effects. This portrait was inspired from watching a recent film Serenity, you will understand why I decided on a hook around the eye, and the background / foreground is fragmenting into floating shapes. All the photos on the internet of this guy were too handsomely posed so I paused the film near the end and that was my reference inspiration from Matthew McConaughey’s stance.

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