Steampunk Bunny art print

Bunny with tattoos and piercings by Artist Sophie. Steampunk bunny Art Prints £13.95 each. Maybe it’s wrong to imagine a sweet bunny with tattoos and piercings. I have owned two lop bunnies in the past named ’Caso’ (short for casserole) and ‘Larry the lamppost’. I paint so many cute fluffy animals that I wanted to try one with an urban street punk edge to it. At first you’d think this was just a cute pretty bunny with its colours and bow. But a closer inspection shows safety pins like the old punk era, ear piercings and tattoos. The bumblebee represents not getting stung by life because of the hard image this cute bunny is trying to portray with its accessories. Steampunk Bunny by Sophie Appleton Huddlestone.

I have turned Steampunk bunny in to watercolour Prints, for sale on my WEBSITE on the menu above. I had several folks want to buy it and I didn’t want to keep on re painting the exact same painting over and over. I even briefly experimented with going down the products line, this was while using my maiden name of Sophie Appleton. Only I sell the art prints of this, but you can buy this design on other items at as on the photo above. Although so far I think I made enough dosh from Redbubble to buy a cuppa and cake. They make and sell the products and us artists get a tiny percent of it, so in future I’m sticking to my own range of prints and original paintings. Thanks Artist Sophie.

Thanks for viewing an Artist Sophie .Com blog article. To purchase a Sophie Huddle Stone artwork go to Sophie’s full artist website and purchase from its SHOP or the bargain priced range (under £30) is at Soph’s SALE site which is

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