Animal Magnetism by Artist Sophie H

No this post is not about the sort of animal magnetism that you’re probably thinking of. It is a new mini size magnetic artwork that you can place on your refrigerators or magnetic memo boards. So far the size of the range is just a mighty number two, the Giraffe or the Rabbit. In future I may add a couple more designs. I’m not that interested in making products because the true passion lies in the act of painting rather than posting pre-made things. I paint for my health, to keep the bipolar at bay.

Painting is like therapy for me, it’s the time when I can disappear into a world of daydreams and re charge those busy mum batteries. I’d like to thank you for your encouraging comments about my artworks on my other social media networks, your interaction inspires me to paint even more subjects and themes. A big THANK YOU to you!

The animal magnets are only around £2.50 each, so add one to your next purchase, and pay no extra postage costs because the delivery costs are one total amount for the entire order. Don’t forget to download the Artists’s app for the latest bargain discount code. Swirly Soph Art (on the app store and google play).

Thanks for viewing an Artist Sophie .Com blog article. To purchase a Sophie Huddle Stone artwork go to Sophie’s full artist website and purchase from its SHOP or the bargain priced range (under £30) is at Soph’s SALE site which is

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