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A full time Leicestershire artist selling paintings since 2011. Artist Sophie blog is about my latest contemporary paintings and new artworks in progress. My Art is displayed on the blog articles or go to my shop to buy these artworks (which is on my full Artists website).

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You may have known me as Artist Sophie Appleton which is my maiden name. I now use my married name of Huddlestone or Sophie H.

The blog articles on Artist Sophie dot com are hand painted pictures of animals, birds, flowers, landscapes and portraits.

Also on artistsophie.com there is a videos page displaying a few of my videos. A policies page and a contact page. The full artists website via the menu is www.sophiehuddlestone.com

Keep your eyes on the blog every week to see what’s new on artistsophie.com 


This blog is also sort of like my Artist Diary. Please excuse my grammar as I’m dyslexic, just enjoy the arty content. Occasionally the contemporary artworks that my swirly brain is creating sometimes swirl towards the bin if they go wrong. Fingers crossed the one I’m working on right now will end up on Artist Sophie blog later today and in my shop waiting for its new forever home.

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After you have peeped at these www.artistsophie.com blog articles and you have a bit more time to spare then swirl towards WEBSITE on the menu. It is my full artist S.H. website with SHOP, Commissions, Art Prints, Paintings, Portraits, Gallery, Reviews, a more detailed About and News page plus loads more.

All my paintings are signed with Sophie H or S.H.

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Remember you paid for your painting or print so help prevent illegal printing of it. If you show friends or family via text or email etc always obstruct the image, for example with a bit of paper.