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A full time Leicestershire artist creating paintings since 2011. Artist Sophie blog is about my art and the ideas behind these latest contemporary paintings, plus any interesting creative techniques picked up along the way. Perhaps the painting that you purchased has an article written about it on the blog page.

Artist Sophie Art Studio

Artist Sophie paints from a home art studio in Burbage, Hinckley. If you see a painting in the window that is not yet added to the website’s shop then contact Sophie for first grabs.

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The range of Artist Sophie paintings and prints available to buy today are on the full artist’s website which has an online shop (website on the menu above) don’t forget to visit its sale page for a surprise !!!!

Once a month Sophie usually lists an original painting for sale on eBay at her old bargain prices. (eBay seller six.foot.sophie) or on Etsy (Etsy shop CountrySwirls).

A selection of Sophie’s paintings are also available at Saatchi Art which is the world’s leading online art gallery, based in Los Angeles. 

Artist Sophie .com

You may have known me as Artist Sophie Appleton which is my maiden name. I now use my married name of Huddlestone.

The blog articles on Artist Sophie dot com are hand painted pictures of animals, birds, flowers, landscapes and portraits.

Also on is a videos page displaying my most recent video, and a contact page.

My full artists website (via the main menu above) is

Keep your eyes on the Artist Sophie blog every week to see what’s new. Occasionally the contemporary artworks that my swirly brain is creating sometimes swirl towards the bin if they go wrong, fingers crossed the one I’m working on right now will end up on my blog page this week.

This blog is my Arty Diary. Please excuse my grammar as I’m dyslexic, and have Irlen Syndrome. Irlen Syndrome (also referred to at times as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and Visual Stress) is a perceptual processing disorder. It is not an optical problem. It is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information.

Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone

About Sophie’s Full Artist’s website:

After you have peeped at the Artist Sophie .Com  blog posts on this mini site, and you have a bit more time to spare, swirl towards WEBSITE on the menu.

Artist Sophie .com

My full artist’s website has an online SHOP, Commissions, Prints, Paintings, Portraits. A more detailed About Artist and News page. Also a Reviews page showing the art in customers homes. My paintings are signed with SH.

Buying a painting? Don’t forget to ask for any recent discount codes or see the Sophie Surprise sale item or freebie on the Sale page on my website.

Eleven Eleven Sophie Surprise


Want to get an answer to a question quickly? Messenger me directly Facebook page Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone @SwirlySophArt or the contact page has other forms of contact.


Pop onto any of my social media to make a public comment on to any posts. I have a page with examples of my Instagram and Facebook posts on the Artist Sophie page of this mini blog site.


Quick painting demos, arty advice etc. Lets add each other to view the ‘my story’ section on Snapchat. No group chats – teens internet safety reasons. 


Artist Sophie .com

An original painting should be original just for you.

Remember you paid for your painting or print so help prevent illegal printing of it. If you show friends or family via text or email etc always obstruct the image, for example with a bit of paper. 

I do not permit any person or entity to print, copy or replicate my art in any way, physical or virtual form. Full copyrights remain with myself the artist, Sophie Huddlestone. The policies page has the policies, terms and conditions etc for


See what I am up to on social media and join me for a chin wag. Lots of customers, art lovers and other artists stay in contact with me and each other on social media by commenting on posts and sharing opinions. Keep the comments coming so the next post shows in your feed.


Artist Sophie Appleton Huddlestone


Please pass on my details if you think a friend may be interested too, very kind of you.

Thanks Sophie :-)